AHIP Submits Statement For Senate Hearing On Vaccines

posted by AHIP

on March 5, 2019

On March 5, 2019, AHIP submitted a statement for a Senate HELP Committee hearing on the important role played by vaccines in achieving immunity against preventable diseases.

Our statement emphasizes that AHIP’s members are strongly committed to providing coverage for recommended vaccines and increasing awareness about the importance of immunizations among both children and adults. We also highlight the recommendations of a 2015 AHIP report that recommended action steps to improve vaccine rates in the following areas: (1) facilitating integrated, team-based vaccine care; (2) leveraging health information technology to encourage patients to get vaccinated; (3) raising awareness with health care professionals and consumers; and (4) measuring and tracking progress in improving vaccine rates and reducing disparities among racial and ethnic groups.

Download the full statement below

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