Tabletop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are tables assigned?

Tables are chosen by the exhibitor prior to the conference.  Please email Angie Avendaño at to review the floorplan.

Are there any restrictions on my display?

Please plan to stay within the “footprint” of your table. The table dimensions are 6 feet by 30 inches. A plain tablecloth and two chairs will be provided. The maximum height allowed by the hotel is 7ft from the floor. Hanging banners are not allowed.

  • A 6ft long table will be provided with a plain tablecloth and 2 chairs.
  • All exhibiting must stay within your tabletop footprint.
  • Banners/backdrops/signs cannot exceed 7ft in height from the ground.
  • Banners/backdrops/signs must be placed on the floor *no hanging allowed*
  • Banners/backdrops/signs cannot exceed 8ft in width (same size as table).
  • Exhibiting materials cannot be placed on either side of table, as it may interfere with other tabletops.

Can I be a sponsor without exhibiting?

Yes, for information regarding non-exhibit sponsorship opportunities, please contact a member of the Business Affairs Team at or 866.707.AHIP (2447).

Is there Security in the Exhibit Area?

We’ll have some staff in the tabletops area overnight, but smaller, valuable and electronic items should stored away. There are no lockers available in the convention center to store valuables.

What happens if I tear down early? 

Early tear down is disruptive and disrespectful to our attendees and other exhibitors.  Future participation at AHIP events may be jeopardized by not adhering to the schedule. Teardown should occur during the assigned teardown schedule.

Special exceptions may be made on a need-only basis.  Please contact prior to arriving at the show.