The Next Big Thing In Health Podcast Live!

The Next Big Thing in Health:  The Voice of the Patient in Transforming Health Care

December 11, 2019
3:45-4:45 pm

Join us for a live taping of The Next Big Thing in Heath podcast on Dec. 11 at AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in Chicago. The live show will feature a empowered health leaders who are also patients, taking a personal, informative deep dive into the big ideas and new solutions to improve care.

As patients take on a larger role in their care and experience, they want empowerment and personalization across the board – from wearables and data ownership to improved communications and price transparency. How do we design our operations and systems around keeping our patients’ needs priority number one? What challenges hinder our efforts?

Hear from a panel of empowered health leaders who are also patients discuss their unique health journeys, how they would like to transform our health care system to redefine the patient experience for better outcomes, and lessons learned for improving overall consumer experience. Join cohosts of The Next Big Thing in Health, AHIP CEO Matt Eyles and Laura Evans for this live podcast recording.

Panel Guests

Donna R. Cryer, JD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Global Liver Institute
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Matt Eyles
President and Chief Executive Officer
America’s Health Insurance Plans
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Laura Evans Manatos
President and Founder
Laura Evans Media
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Rebecca Pearce
Extend Coaching and Consulting
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