The Power Of Constructive Partnerships

posted by Marilyn Tavenner

on September 21, 2017

As consumers engage more than ever in their health care, our industry is focusing on creating new ways to deliver greater choice, quality, and innovation for Americans across the country.

A key part of our work is collaboration in local communities, including working with provider partners to find solutions that help people get healthy, stay healthy, and pay less for the care they receive.

These partnerships take many forms – patient-centered medical homes, accountable care organization, bundled payments, to name a few – and drive results for patients that include lower costs and better care. At Humana, for example, value-based partnerships decreased costs for Medicare Advantage (MA) members by 20 percent, while MA members made fewer trips to the emergency room and received more preventive care treatments like cancer screenings. Better value also leads to happier patients: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont’s work with employers and providers continues to earn it some of the highest marks for customer satisfaction and efficiency.

There is always more work to be done, and as we observe the transformation taking place in the health system today, constructive partnerships are playing an essential in the real results being achieved.

The future of industry partnerships will be at the forefront during AHIP’s National Conferences on Medicare and Medicaid and Dual Eligibles next week in Washington, D.C. From ensuring value for beneficiaries to policy and regulatory changes, policymakers and stakeholders will focus on public programs as models for providing more affordable, high-quality, efficient care.

Marilyn Tavenner is President and CEO of AHIP.

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