The Social Determinants Of Health: Improving Population Health With Data-Driven Insights

posted by ZeOmega

on April 21, 2020

The social determinants of health (SDOH) are increasingly recognized as critical drivers of health and well-being. Social factors as diverse as income, access to transportation and healthy food, and education play a huge role in determining an individual’s health risk and treatment success. SDOH data can help healthcare providers and health plans better understand and manage a variety of chronic conditions including diabetes, asthma, opioid addiction, and high-risk maternity, and is used to improve overall patient health and wellness. The key is to find the right data, understand its relevance, and apply it directly to patient care.

Together, the population health management leader ZeOmega and the nonprofit Center for Open Data Enterprise (CODE) are developing a groundbreaking new approach to using SDOH data for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. ZeOmega is a leading provider of an integrated, whole-person population health management platform, and CODE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maximizing the value of government data for the public good. With CODE’s assistance, ZeOmega integrates publicly available SDOH data, localized enough to be combined with individual patient data, into its Jiva population health management platform. Combining this data with privacy-protected, member-level data is powering new insights on population and individual-level risk and patient care. This new approach helps health plans and providers achieve optimal health and wellness for members and patients.

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