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posted by AHIP

on November 28, 2018

As we close out the 2018 lame duck session, health policy continues to be at the forefront. New data from Oliver Wyman on the Part D donut hole change is shedding new light on an issue Big Pharma hopes you aren’t following closely. With Big Pharma continuing to push for a $8.5 billion bailout, this data shows exactly why that would significantly hurt America’s seniors and taxpayers.

According to the report, reducing the manufacturer discount to 63 percent would increase costs to the federal government by $4.45 billion over that period. Additionally, members would be expected to realize a $4.05 billion increase in cost through increased cost-sharing and premiums. Furthermore, manufacturers would benefit by $8.50 billion.

Congress took a positive step to reduce health care costs for America’s seniors with the Bipartisan Budget Act. Reversing this policy helps no one but Big Pharma—with seniors and taxpayers footing the bill.

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