Virtual Care Takes Center Stage For Health Plans

posted by Teladoc Health

on May 23, 2019

Health plans are investing in the growth of virtual care

Executive Summary

The 2019 AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) Virtual Care Survey of Health Plans, sponsored by Teladoc Health under AHIP’s Sponsored Research Program, reveals the current state of virtual care programs and a nuanced understanding of the successes, challenges, and barriers health plans face.1

From the AHIP Virtual Care Survey we learn that health plans view virtual care as a strategic imperative and are investing in its growth. For nearly 100% of plans surveyed, the importance of virtual care is increasing. With new payment models and expanding consumer demands, health plans are establishing a broad array of virtual services to give members and clients convenient access to high-quality care for improved outcomes, reduced costs, and to provide a scalable, modern health benefit that differentiates them from their competitors.


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