We Can Make A Better Health Care Experience

posted by Marilyn Tavenner

on November 28, 2017

People expect more from their health planthey want a personalized experience, and they want it to be simple.

Innovation is happening at companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries. Health care is taking note and taking action. Insurance providers continue to listen, innovate, and evolve to earn people’s loyalty.

Building loyalty means that health plans work to improve the experience their members have—making health care simpler, higher value, and best fitted to their wants and needs.

Organizations like Oscar Health, Florida Blue, Sharecare, and HCA Healthcare will share how they do just that, at AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in Nashville.

Here are a few subjects we look forward to talking about:

How to empower patients

Insurance providers can use provider directories, mobile apps, and reward programs to help people have more control of their coverage and care. They’re also focusing on ways to make billing, claims, and other customer service interactions a faster and easier experience.

Why we need to embrace change  

We can’t wait for change. That’s why we to continue to use modern technology, tools, and treatments to deliver the right care at the right time, and use the most effective approaches to treat and prevent disease.

How to put people at the center of care

As one example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan combines cloud technology, personal support and feedback, and clinical guidance so people with diabetes can make personalized adjustments to their insulin doses to balance their blood sugar.

How to make health care work better

The digitization of health care is making it easier for people to deal with complicated health conditions, medical emergencies, and everything in between.

Look at the topics and sessions that will take place Dec. 5 – 7 in Nashville, where you’ll meet like-minded people working to solve some of our industry’s biggest problems. And get ready to give your members the health care experience they want.

Marilyn Tavenner is President and CEO of AHIP.

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