We Care For Caregivers

posted by Nikolas Wong

on February 21, 2018

Caregiving is a fulfilling experience for many seniors, but the responsibility can come with physical, emotional, and financial burdens to their health and bank accounts. A national survey conducted by SCAN, based in California, looks at the challenges of caregiving and finds:

  • 47 percent of senior caregivers have concerns about physical strain;
  • 44 percent of senior caregivers have concerns about emotional strain;
  • 47 percent of senior caregivers reported financial strain.

Fortunately, health insurance providers recognize these burdens and offer solutions to help seniors who care for others. For example, SCAN Health Plan dedicates an entire section of its website to caregivers to include resources that range from home safety to community services. Caregivers who are members of SCAN Health Plan can get further assistance.

The Commonwealth Care Alliance takes a similar approach to assist caregivers. The Massachusetts-based insurance provider offers a resource page for caregivers. This resource connects caregivers to financial services, pharmacy programs, and much more to help manage their responsibilities. One creative resource is the Wellness Quiz, which allows caregivers to monitor how well they care for themselves.

Cigna is another health insurance provider helping caregivers.  The Connecticut-based organization offers a list of caregiver tips to help caregivers continue to take pride in what they do. They include:

  1. Take Care of yourself: Caregivers who take time to care for themselves provide better care. Dedicate time to fitness and exercise, prepare healthy meals, or get adequate sleep can increase a caregiver’s happiness and energy to continue caring for loved ones.
  2. Don’t help too much: Allow the person receiving care to make as many decisions as possible. Caregivers who provide too much help can be counterproductive. If the person can do something themselves, it saves the caregiver energy and empowers the individual to be independent.
  3. Ask for help: Say yes when it comes to help. Caregivers who accept help from family and friends can spend time on personal activities and lighten their workload. Alternatives that help complete daily tasks, like using a grocery store delivery service, will help relieve some of the stress on caregivers.

SCAN, Commonwealth, and Cigna are three of the many health insurance providers that support caregivers. Learn how the health insurance community ensures caregivers can continue their responsibilities while staying healthy and financially stable.

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