Impact Of Kiio On Medical Utilization And Spend

posted by kiio

on June 3, 2019


WEA Trust is an independent, not-for-profit health insurance company headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Part of the NeuGen family, WEA Trust services public employees, including the State of Wisconsin, providing healthcare benefits to over 100,000 members.

WEA Trust’s mission is to improve member health and experience by providing high quality and affordable care. Known for its forward-looking vision and innovation, WEA Trust complements traditional care networks with a suite of curated Enhanced Care Solutions to provide members with convenient, accessible, evidence-based healthcare options.

Low back pain has been a consistent driver of both medical utilization and cost for WEA Trust. It is also a significant concern for WEA Trust’s employer groups, due to its impact on employment costs.

WEA Trust introduced a successful shared decision-making program in 2011 and required preauthorization for spine advanced imaging shortly thereafter. This made a positive impact; however, the company realized that engaging members sooner after onset could yield better health outcomes and control spend even further.

WEA Trust partnered with Kiio to offer Kiio for Low Back Pain, customized
and white-labeled to WEA Trust. The goal was to proactively intervene further
upstream by providing an evidence-based, member-centric option for medically appropriate members struggling with back pain.

WEA Trust and Kiio collaborated to quantify Kiio’s impact on member outcomes, medical utilization, and cost of care.

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