Webinar FAQ’s

posted by Business Development

on February 26, 2016

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a seminar conducted online. Webinars allow participants the ability to watch slide presentations, listen to the speakers, and interact with moderator and panelists via a live chat box. Webinars give AHIP members and other constituents access to our quality educational programming without having to leave their offices.

Will I need any special software or equipment to participate?

No. Anyone with a standard web browser equipped with a Flash player will be able to participate. To check if you have Flash already installed in your web browser, visit http://beaconliveweb.com/?brnd=383 and click on “Check System Compatibility for Participants.”

Who can participate in AHIP Webinars? 

All of the webinars listed on AHIP’s events calendar are open to any interested parties.

Where do I find the schedule for upcoming webinars?

Like all of our other educational programming, the schedule is available on AHIP’s events calendar.

How do I register for a webinar?

Once you’ve selected the webinar you would like to attend, click on the webinar description. You may register by clicking on the “Register Today” link in the orange box to the right of the description. For webinars with a cost associated, please keep in mind that online registration requires payment by credit card. For payment by check or purchase order, please contact customer service at customersolutions@ahip.org.

What happens when I register?

You’ll receive a confirmation from AHIP_Store@ahip.org that we have received your registration. For webinars with a cost associated we’ll also let you know when payment is processed.

When does registration close?

Online registration typically closes a day or two before the event. This ensures that everyone who registers will get all of the necessary information to participate. If you would like to register after online registration has closed, please contact registrations@ahip.org or 877.291.2247.

When will I receive the instructions for logging into the webinar?

You will be sent login instructions 24 hours before the event and a reminder the day of the event. Keep an eye out for login instructions from BeaconLive.com.

I am interested in attending but my schedule is very hectic. If I register and miss the session, is there a recording? How can I get access to a recording?

Most webinars are recorded. Only registered attendees are guaranteed access to the archived recording for up to one year. Registrants will receive an email with the link to the archive within two weeks following the event.

I registered for the webinar and I haven’t received the instructions. 

Please contact AHIP Customer Solutions at customersolutions@ahip.org or 877.291.2247.

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