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Curbing Disenrollment with Network Data Quality

Sep 28, 2022
1:00 pm EDT
Presented by Veda Data
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About This Webinar

With open enrollment season upon us, retaining currently-enrolled members is top of mind. The marketplace competition is stronger than ever and retention of existing members is a primary objective. Poor member experience is a leading reason for disenrollment and can impact Star Ratings.

Your health plan may be meeting all CMS compliance benchmarks and still losing members. Disenrollment percentages have long been an industry measure with no real solution for solving the problem. Bridging the gap between compliance and actually meeting member expectations can ultimately lead to member retention. With a deep dive into how accurate and timely provider data can improve the member experience, this session will focus on creating a health care plan members want to stay enrolled in.

Data automation company Veda’s CEO Meghan Gaffney will walk through why compliance benchmarks are missing the mark and show how good provider data can lead to member retention.

Attendees Will Learn

  • Why health insurance providers should measure quality the way their members do
  • How provider data quality directly impacts Star Ratings
  • How to improve member satisfaction through provider directory accuracy
  • What questions to ask their data quality vendor to know if they’re accessing data’s full potential


Meghan Gaffney

CEO & Co-Founder


Meghan Gaffney is responsible for making the Veda experience exceptional for our team members, customers, and partners. She provides resources and strategic leadership to our employees and serves as a liaison to customers and partners. With over 15 years of experience working with federal and state elected officials and consulting on technology opportunities, she has experience helping people…

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