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Digital Transformation: Adoption and Impact on Payers

Jun 7, 2022
11:00 am EDT
Presented by CitiusTech
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About This Webinar

With the spurring need for digital, the health care industry has a huge transformational opportunity to adopt a consumer-centric approach and improve healthcare outcomes. Health insurance providers are embracing digital disruption in multiple ways to achieve the goal of reduced cost, improved quality, and enhanced consumer experience. Payers, for example, are modernizing the core systems to bring in flexibility, and modularity and thereby increasing speed to market.

Another shift for payers is the adoption of modern data platforms enabling interoperability and real-time data exchange with consumers. Payers, by virtue of having access to a humongous amount of healthcare data, position themselves uniquely to use this “data as an asset” and provide insights for a personalized consumer experience. Thus, health insurance providers have a great prospect to establish a digital health ecosystem by connecting multiple stakeholders – providers, members, brokers, care managers, others – to provide a unified experience, navigate care, and improve overall healthcare delivery.

The webinar will cover the following to address digital transformation as a focus area:

  1. What are the trends, needs and opportunities in the health insurance industry to mitigate the challenges and adopt new technology
  2. Typical payer architecture for core applications, data & analytics, integration, and engagement
  3. Technology initiatives for payers to enhance consumer experience, adopt modern architecture and reduce operational cost

Attendees Will Learn About

  • Key technology transformation themes that health plans can focus on
  • Emerging technologies that can transform overall health plans’ ecosystem
  • Potential use-cases that can be enabled by adopting digital mindset – “next best action”


Mohd Farooq Mulla

Head – Digital Engineering


Farooq Mulla has 20 years of experience in software development and currently heads the Digital Engineering Proficiency at CitiusTech. He is experienced across multiple domains and has a wide exposure to technologies ranging from Web, SOA, Enterprise Integration, Cloud, RDBMS and NoSQL. Recently, he also played the CitiusTech delivery lead role for a large health care company specializing in…

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Shobhit Saran

AVP Consulting, Health Plans


Shobhit Saran, AVP of Health Plan Consulting at CitiusTech, has more than 16 years of experience in US Healthcare IT solutions across payer and provider market. He has diverse experience leading projects for health insurance providers, MSOs, and care delivery organizations, and is an AHIP, PHIAS, PAHM, and FHIR-certified professional as well as being part of the HL7 India technical…

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