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Ensuring Equitable Engagement in Health Care

Oct 25, 2022
1:00 pm EDT
Presented by The Vitality Group
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About This Webinar

The US has the starkest income-based health disparities globally, with 38% of US adults skipping a medical visit, test, treatment, follow-up, or prescription refill because of cost and access, according to The Commonwealth Fund. A study from the Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that 1 in 10 Black patients reported discrimination during a health care encounter. Health care leaders are starting to take decisive action to address these disparities and ensure inclusive access to health care.

This webinar will focus on how to ensure equitable engagement in health care. Barriers and disparities keep people from engaging in their health, which has lasting impacts on health outcomes. In this webinar, Tanya Little, Chief Growth Office for Vitality, the leader in driving engagement in health behaviors to reduce health care costs for corporates and payers, and a panel of subject matter experts will come together for an engaging discussion on how to address the disparities that exist and how to overcome the systemic barriers to engagement in health care.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • Barriers that keep people from engaging in their health
  • Disparities in the health care experience
  • The link between overall health and financial disparities
  • Biases in health care datasets
  • How behavioral science can be used to get people more engaged with their health care


Tanya Little

Chief Commercial Officer

Vitality Group

In her role as Vitality’s Chief Commercial Officer, Tanya is responsible for developing new lines of business as Vitality deepens its offering and extends its platform and driving execution of go-to-market strategy. Additionally, she serves as an external face of the organization, speaking regularly at key market conferences and connecting with leading influencers. Previously a consultant for…

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