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How to Eliminate Health Care Forms and Radically Transform Data Collection

Sep 7, 2022
1:00 pm EDT
Presented by Smart Communications
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About This Webinar

Health care payers request dozens of forms from their customers. From making an appointment to paying for care—and everything in between—a form and necessary signatures and approvals are required, impacting customer experience and operational efficiency. Join Smart Communications as we show how health insurers are moving away from traditional paper-based and fillable form processes and are creating secure, personal, and sustainable interactions with their members, providers, and partners.

During this webinar we'll walk through several current, real-world examples. Through these examples, you'll see and hear how providing an interactive, concierge-like experience benefits all parties involved in the process. Learn how you can digitally transform the way information is collected from members, reducing the time it takes to input and submit information, the amount of incorrect data submitted, points of friction, customer frustration, and cost; provide a better customer experience by shifting focus from facilitating internal processes to solving consumer problems; and prevent improper submissions by validating necessary criteria are met before information is submitted, rather than finding out afterwards.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • Enabling collaboration by inviting other parties into the process as needed—allowing them to easily complete their required portions—and eliminating backlogs and the need to go back and forth
  • Eliminating illegible and incomplete forms by taking advantage of device capabilities like cameras for attaching images as attachments
  • Reducing handling and processing time and expenses by eliminating the scanning and OCR steps since you’re starting and staying digital
  • Integrating with core systems of record to validate and update member data


John Zimmerer

Vice President of Healthcare Marketing

Smart Communications

John Zimmerer is Vice President of Vertical Marketing at Smart Communications, where he helps healthcare payers and providers transform one-way customer communications into orchestrated omnichannel conversations. With over 20 years of technology product marketing experience, John is regarded as a thought leader in the areas of customer experience and digital transformation.

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