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Improving Drug Management: Employer Strategies on Biosimilars

May 31, 2022
12:00 pm EDT
Presented by Biosimilars Forum
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About This Webinar

As health care costs continue to rise across the United States, employers, patients and health insurance providers are looking for ways to address the escalating cost of prescription drugs. Biosimilar adoption has emerged as one strategy to contain costs and expand access to life saving therapies.

This webinar will teach and explain to attendees why it's so important to have biosimilars used by health insurance providers due to their cost-savings impact. The webinar will also explain how biosimilars do this through competition and access promotion.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • What a biosimilar is and how they are both safe and effective
  • How biosimilars lower costs and initiate competition
  • Strategies for advancing biosimilar adoption
  • Common barriers to biosimilar adoption
  • Examples that illustrate the promise of biosimilars
  • Recommendations for developing a successful biosimilar program


Juliana (Julie) Reed

Executive Director

Biosimilars Forum

Juliana (Julie) Reed currently serves as the Executive Director of the Biosimilars Forum, leading strategy for the group’s strategic efforts to increase access to and adoption of biosimilars. Reed served as the Forum’s President for more than eight years and was one of its founders. As the Biosimilars Forum President, Reed oversaw advocacy and awareness campaigns to advance biosimilar access…

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Margaret Rehayem

Vice President

The National Alliance

Margaret Rehayem is an experienced healthcare leader that brings care and enthusiasm to her Vice President role with the National Alliance. As Vice President, she provides leadership for national initiatives that support member collaboration, helping coalitions leverage their regional efforts at the national level to drive health, innovation, equity and value. Her focus has been in health…

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Bret Jackson


Economic Alliance for Michigan

Bret was hired by the non-profit Economic Alliance for Michigan (EAM) in 2007 as Legislative Director, was elected Vice President In 2010, and became the organization’s third President in January 2011. As President, he oversees all EAM activities including policy development, research, education, administration, membership, and advocacy, as well as managing the EAM Health Purchaser Forums,…

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