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Measuring Mental Health Costs: Insights That Will Blow Your Mind!

Aug 16, 2022
1:00 pm EDT
Presented by HDMS
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About This Webinar

As more members utilize mental health services, we have more data and deeper insights to learn from, to help the broader population. Coupled with SDoH data, we can even further understand and quantify dynamics affecting people and their care choices. We can apply these insights into plan design, plan sponsor reporting, network management, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies.

HDMS will share insights derived from recent investigations. We’ll look at the differences in costs of medical conditions across cohorts – those with a mental health condition and those without. We’ll also share other differences that can be observed within connected health data, like how mental health conditions can affect utilization with a primary care physician (PCP). We’ll investigate insights we see when we pull in social determinants of health dimensions. Why is this interesting? We’ll make connections to how these insights can be used with plan sponsors, plan design, and network management.

Attendees Will Learn

  • New measured insights into how mental health impacts medical care costs and utilization
  • Cohorts comparisons, what they teach us about mental health needs and barriers, and the influence of two plan designs
  • What we can learn about these cohorts from SDOH data


Dr. Rani Aravamudhan


Dr. Rani Aravamudhan leads Health Data & Management Solutions (HDMS) Clinical Advisory services. She is a general medicine physician who cares for individuals yet connects experiences to population health perspectives using her deep data expertise. Rani is known for her work in data-driven transformation, workflow design and development, value-based care, risk management and clinical…

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