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Results of a Year-Over-Year Study Comparing Industry Priorities

Jun 29, 2022
2:00 pm EDT
Presented by Healthedge
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About This Webinar

The health care industry has been greatly affected by numerous trends such as technology disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic, employee retention amid the Great Resignation, and reduced profitability due to growing health insurance provider consolidation and inflation. Executives must enact policies and technology that can nimbly respond to shifting industry challenges that affect their bottom line.

This webinar will explore the current challenges facing health insurance provider executives and their strategic priorities for the future. Additionally, it will reveal how priorities and trends have shifted over time, highlighting differences from past years. Our panelists will discuss key findings from the study and provide valuable insights into current industry trends and issues, predictions for the future, and how to meet these challenges head on.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • Benchmarking your organization’s challenges to health insurance provider peers
  • How health insurance providers’ challenges and priorities have changed over time
  • Insights from subject matter experts about current trends and predictions for the future


Len Rosignoli

VP, Customer Success


Len Rosignoli is a healthcare technology and operations executive with extensive managed care insurance expertise spanning more than twenty-five years. He joined HealthEdge in early 2020 as an Account Executive, supporting the strategic needs of a portfolio of HealthEdge customers. Prior to joining HealthEdge, Len spent the prior six-and-a-half years as the Chief Information Officer for…

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Angelo Devita

Vice President, Enterprise Account Management


Angelo Devita is a healthcare veteran of over 30 years’ experience in and around Health Plans. As the healthcare industry looks to employ seamless, modern, automated solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow, Angelo combines his experience and insights with the state-of-the-art offerings of HealthEdge.

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Christine Davis

Vice President, Product Marketing


Christine Davis is an accomplished marketing executive with payer, provider, accountable care organization, and pharmacy benefits management experience. She has worked at multiple Fortune 50 companies, including McKesson, GE Healthcare, IBM, and several enterprise SaaS and artificial intelligence private equity companies focused on healthcare payers.

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