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SDoH Insights and Analytics: Delayed Care in 2023

Jan 13, 2023
1:00 pm EST
Presented by HDMS
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About This Webinar

Delayed care increases costs. Without PCP visits, preventative screenings, and recommended routines, we see individuals enter the health system sicker and at more advanced stages of diseases and chronic conditions. To impactfully innovate and engage members, let's look into social determinants of health and discover how we can use new data in different ways to reveal patterns, find personalization opportunities, and address equity gaps.

Integrated Benefits Institute and Health Data & Management Solutions will share analytics and insights that help us understand how delayed care patterns are rebounding post-pandemic and what this means for employers and health insurance providers. We'll look at some populations and investigate how social determinants of health analytics can let us quantify equity gaps and innovate around barriers to care.

The webinar will share what this means for plan sponsors and suggest ways we can use data to design better strategies and tactics together, innovate, and encourage short term care for long term wellness and cost efficiencies.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • Utilization patterns, delayed care patterns and trends, and what this means for employers
  • Using new data to dig into quantifying equity gaps based on social determinants of health
  • Benchmark insights, plan-sponsor-specific SDoH analytic insights, and ways to use this data to spark change


Dr. Rani Aravamudhan


Dr. Rani Aravamudhan leads HDMS Clinical Advisory services. She is a general medicine physician who cares for individuals yet connects experiences to population health perspectives using her deep data expertise. Rani is known for her work in data-driven transformation, workflow design and development, value-based care, risk management and clinical quality and performance reporting. Her work…

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Kelly McDevitt


The Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI)

Kelly McDevitt is President of The Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI). Prior to IBI, Kelly served as National Vice President of Enterprise Strategic Accounts at United Healthcare, leading the Center for Advanced Analytics, a specialized analytics team focused on deep research and innovation. In addition, she led the Collaborative Ventures Group, which partnered with employer coalitions such…

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