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The Value of Goal-Driven Member Engagement

Dec 8, 2022
2:00 pm EST
Presented by Zipari
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About This Webinar

The health insurance market is competitive. Health insurance providers that want to succeed must attract and retain members and improve health outcomes, all while reducing unnecessary costs. And let’s face it – if members don’t engage, those goals may be insurmountable. Health insurers often run multiple and concurrent member engagement initiatives. Administrative teams reach out to members to keep their contact information up-to-date, meanwhile, care management teams are messaging members about participating in prevention and treatment efforts. Not only do these competing priorities leave employees and members confused, they can also create frustration for members when they have no say over how they are receiving this outreach.

There are a number of consumer engagement solutions that can help. When these solutions are designed specifically for the health insurance industry, they can actually simplify multiple challenges by orchestrating efforts into value-based priorities, personalized for each member. Health insurance providers that implement goal-driven member engagement are poised to realize a variety of benefits – from improved health outcomes to member loyalty and plan ratings – all drivers of a positive return on investment. With the right tech solution and partner, a significant challenge can actually become a win-win for plans and members alike.

Attendees will get an overview of how member goals fit within an effective CX engagement strategy, and will see a business case using actual engagement data.

Attendees Will Learn

  • What goal-driven member engagement means
  • How technology can simplify engagement, even when health insurance plans are operating with legacy technology
  • How to navigate industry-specific conditions when evaluating potential CX technology and CX partners


Brad McIlwain

Senior Product Director, Member Products


Brad McIlwain is the Senior Product Director for Member Products at Zipari. Brad has over ten years of health industry experience, beginning his career in medical publishing at Elsevier, working in print and then on digital platforms, and in healthcare at Healthfirst, a health plan in New York City. While at Healthfirst, Brad worked across the Member, Provider, Broker and Employer domains,…

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Polina Vaserman

Vice President, Platform Products


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