What Matters Most In Health Care? You’ll Find It Here.

Sessions are balanced to deliver answers you need today, and critical information to help you stay competitive. You may attend sessions focused on a specific topic, or mix and match sessions. Better yet, bring along a team member or two (you’ll love our team discounts), and cover it all.

Leading in the New Health Care Economy: Industry Innovation, Disruption and Transformation

  • What are the biggest disruptors to our health care system, where are they coming from, how can they affect your future business strategies?
  • How can you enhance your company’s consumer strategy?
  • Evolving your business model or expanding your product offerings? Where should you focus?
  • What partnerships will help you expand your reach and leverage your company’s strengths?

Creating Exceptional Experiences: Putting the Customer at the Center of Service

  • What’s most important when developing personalized products and where do you start?
  • What data should you focus on to understand consumer behaviors, including how they engage in various channels?
  • How can you become more than “just an insurance card?”
  • What’s the secret to winning the hearts and minds of consumers so you earn their trust and establish a long-term relationship?

Expansion of Federal Programs in the Evolving Health Care Marketplace

  • What strategies are working as health plans re-imagine their roles in the new consumer-centric health care marketplace?
  • How can you most efficiently direct population health and address the needs of those with chronic conditions or poorer health?
  • What does it take to thrive in an environment where there is less room to maneuver in plan design, ratings, and risk selection?

Business Intelligence: Turning Data Analytics and Insight into Action

  • How should data sources and data availability be gathered, protected, and leveraged to identify trends and improve the overall quality and efficiency of the health care system?
  • What infrastructure is required to integrate data sources and what are the expectations in this new data-focused environment?
  • How can you use big data to make better business decisions, streamline operational and assessment processes, improve clinical care outcomes and enhance the consumer experience?

Value-Based Partnerships Transitioning the Payment and Care Delivery Landscape

  • What care models are delivering the best quality of care, most value and highest efficiency?
  • How do you determine which partners make the most sense for your organization?
  • What’s the key to keeping consumers engaged in their health?

Igniting a Culture of Prevention, Health and Well-being

  • How can you create a top-down culture of wellness and well-being that everyone in your organization understands and embraces?
  • What does the evolution of digital tools, incentives, corporate wellness and telehealth programs mean for you?
  • How can you change member behavior, and how should your organization’s role evolve?
  • What programs are delivering winning results and why?

Health Care in the Digital Age: How Mobile, Big Data, the Internet of Things and Social Media are Upending Health Care

  • Will mobile health technology be the answer to improve outcomes at lower costs?
  • How are providers using clinical data and mHealth tools to engage patients?
  • What are the top data security and privacy considerations?
  • How can your health plan increase operational efficiency through enhanced digital infrastructures and technology?

Technologies and Business Solutions Driving Operational Efficiency

  • What are the leading technology and business solutions that will drive operational efficiencies, streamline your business processes, and reduce costs?
  • What partnerships are working and why?
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