When Tragedy Strikes, We Are There

posted by AHIP

on October 27, 2017

We often see the best of America at the worst of times. The tragedy in Las Vegas . . . the wildfires in California . . . the hurricanes in the Southeast, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. These terrible events left communities shaken and families in need – but they inspired others to take action to help their fellow Americans.

The consequences of these disasters can be profound. And that’s why health insurance providers are committed to helping everyone recover, rebuild, and restore their futures.

Insurance providers are there for every victim, from those who suffer physical injuries and need immediate emergency care, to those who need long-term rehabilitation and support, to those who need counseling and emotional care, including 24/7 hotline support to expanded access to licensed therapists and psychologists. We are committed to their recovery – today and tomorrow.

In fact, an AHIP survey of health plans in 2013 found that every plan had an emergency plan in place for business continuity, and emergency preparedness drills were consistently reviewed and conducted.

When the devastating hurricanes recently struck Texas, health plans took immediate action, offering a wide array of critical services and support, such as expanded and expedited access to care providers, telemedicine, and life-saving medications. Similarly, health plans like MCSHumana, InnovaCare and Florida Blue are organizing and fundraising and providing care to support communities affected by hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

In Las Vegas, our plans are working with patients and their families, as well as with hospitals, doctors, and nurses, to minimize the financial impact from tragedy there. We are working closely with community care providers – who were heroes to so many victims – to coordinate care for their patients, to help ensure easy access for ongoing medical needs, and to address potential out-of-network expenses. We commend the efforts of the local hospitals – who were genuine heroes in the aftermath of the shooting – to ease the financial burden of health care treatment for the victims, and we are committed to being a trusted partner in the care of their patients.

This includes follow-up care that’s needed across the country. Many of the victims traveled to Las Vegas from other states and have since returned to their own communities, so we are working with health plans from coast to coast to learn the additional efforts they are taking to ensure that every patient receives the continuous care they need.

Health insurance providers provide coverage for health care and related services to millions of Americans every day, and they are deeply committed to improving and protecting the health and financial security of consumers, families, businesses, communities, and the nation. And when tragedy strikes, we’re there right away and along the road to recovery.

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