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AHIP SmartBriefs & Newsletters

Break through the health insurance news clutter with AHIP SmartBrief newsletters. We dig through the news and compile it into quick read articles delivered to your inbox. Ideal for time-starved health care professionals, you’ll quickly understand why more than 100,000 subscribers enjoy AHIP SmartBriefs.


AHIP Solutions SmartBrief – Delivered Monday-Friday, you’ll find articles focused on overall health insurance industry news, including top industry stories, emerging trends, and medical, policy, provider, pharma, supplier news, and news about AHIP members. Sign up now!

AHIP Agents & Brokers SmartBrief – Delivered Monday-Friday, Agents and brokers, as well as health plans who work directly with agents and brokers will enjoy articles focused on prospects/products/market trends, best business practices, policy and the health care landscape, and news about AHIP members. Sign up now!

AHIP Accountable Care SmartBrief – Each Monday and Wednesday you’ll find articles focused on payment and care delivery news, including health care quality, technology, population health and patients, emerging trends and news about AHIP members. Sign up now!

AHIP Wellness SmartBrief – Delivered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you’ll find news focused on improving employee and population health. Highlights include articles on wellness programs and trends, health news and research, fitness, schools and communities, wellness trends, and news about AHIP members. Sign up now!

Health IT SmartBrief – Each Friday you’ll enjoy articles focused on emerging IT trends, the tools that are making a difference, issues such as compliance and privacy, and more. You’ll also receive news firsthand about AHIP members. Sign up now!

AHIP SmartBrief Spotlights – Each month, receive a wrap-up email with the month’s top stories from all of AHIP SmartBrief newsletters. Broken out by each newsletter, the quick-read format allows you to gain a lot of knowledge, in minimal time. Sign up now.

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AHIP Member Newsletters

AHIP offers a variety of newsletters to its member organizations. Read the descriptions below to learn more about each newsletter and to subscribe. Please login to sign-up for the newsletters.

Washington Bulletin

AHIP’s Washington Bulletin is published approximately 40 times annually, including every week when Congress is in session. This publication provides regular updates on federal legislative and regulatory developments affecting health insurance plans. Sign Up Now.

State News

State News is a weekly publication that provides the latest legislative and regulatory developments in the states. Sign Up Now.

Strategic Communications

Be among the first to hear about industry updates, news, and reports for strategic communication professionals. This distribution list will provide you with a weekly update of AHIP’s latest research and blog posts, as well as a monthly invitation to our strategic communications call. Sign Up Now.