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Coverage@Work (C@W) is a campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the value employer-provided coverage delivers to more than 180 million Americans. C@W supports and advocates for market-based solutions that advance health, choice, affordability, and value for every American.

Learn How C@W Protects Americans

Employer-provided coverage delivers affordable access to care, effective ways to improve health, and financial security for more than 180 million hardworking Americans and their families. From small, family-owned, and mid-size businesses to national and international corporations to public-sector organizations and unions – companies across the country see the value in offering comprehensive health benefits to their employees. Thanks to diverse and active competition from health insurance providers in every state, consumers, and employers have access to high-quality and affordable care choices that deliver financial protection and peace of mind – now and for the future.

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If you're in the manufacturing industry [you] know that your family is covered and has good plan options — for good plans and plans that meet your needs, as an individual, as an employee, and your family as well.”

- Utah Manufacturers Association | KSL Radio (Inside Sources) | June 28, 2023

“Investing in health for our employees is smart business. It helps us attract and retain great talent, which will help us perform better as a company.”

- Chris Farnsworth, doTERRA Vice President of Human Resources

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Coverage@Work Testimonials
  • Gina from New York speaks to the importance of prescription drug support and access to preventive care through her employer-provided coverage.
    Gina L. (NY)
  • Dwayne, a small business owner in Pennsylvania, is proud to invest in the health of his employees through health coverage.
    Dwayne K. (PA)
  • Carl from New York describes how his employer-provided health plan covered a staggering hospital bill totaling around $180,000.
    Carl K., New York
  • Catherine’s employer-provided coverage has supported her through a tricky diagnosis and health journey over the years.
    Catherine W., Pennsylvania
  • Scott talks about empowering the workforce of the future to seek career opportunities and why health insurance through work is“paramount.”
    Scott H., Alabama
  • Marni Stahlman discusses the role employer-provided coverage plays in supporting access to mental health care and reducing stigma with seeking help.
    Marni Stahlman, President/CEO, Mental Health Association of Central Florida
  • Karen W., a small business owner from Minnesota, highlights the return on investment they see when offering quality coverage to their employees.
    Karen W., Minnesota
  • Vicki B. from Alabama is particularly grateful for access to dermatology care, which she “would never have been able to afford” without her coverage.
    Vicki B., Alabama
  • “100%” coverage surrounding knee replacement surgery, including prescription drug coverage, rehabilitation, and recovery in the hospital.
    Cirilo I., New York
  • Patrick N. from New York speaks to how employer-provided coverage, has supported early intervention with his son’s autism.
    Patrick N., New York
  • Mental health benefits demonstrate employers’ commitment to employees
    Susan Blue, President & CEO of Community Services Group
  • Employer-provided coverage delivers access to mental health support.
    Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jenny Martin
  • Personalized care through telehealth and nurse hotlines
    Norma from Queens, New York
  • Employer-provided coverage enabled access to care during COVID-19.
  • Peace of mind through employer-provided coverage
  • Employer-provided coverage improves access to mental health support through telehealth
    Jessica Fenchel, Vice President of Adult Behavioral Health at Access Services.
Facts and Figures
  • Half of children
    in the U.S. receive

    health coverage through a parent/guardian’s job.

  • Nearly half
    of Black Americans (47%)

    are enrolled in employer-provided coverage, and more than 40% of Hispanic Americans are enrolled in employer-provided coverage

  • Nearly 70%
    of Americans

    with employer-provided coverage (67%) are satisfied with their current coverage, and 64% believe the quality of their plan is high.

  • 75% of adults
    with employer-provided coverage

    say that their coverage was important to maintaining the health and financial security of them and their families during the pandemic.

  • Strong majorities
    agree their employer-provided coverage

    covers preventive services (82%), the benefits and services they need (74%), and mental health support (67%).

  • 75% of consumers
    with employer-provided coverage

    are likely to consider being seen by a doctor or treated via telehealth if it’s an option, and 79% believe it’s important for the federal government to maintain the new COVID-19 telehealth flexibilities for patients.

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