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AHIP offers 15 professional designation programs that suit your career goals, schedule, and budget. See which path works for you. When you enroll, you’ll get guidance on your next steps. Easily track your progress along the path. Earn designations by completing between one and five online courses.

16 designations



Dental Benefits Associate (DBA) Designation

4 Required Courses

Learn more about how dental coverage works and why it makes it possible for more Americans to live healthier lives by earning your Dental Benefits Associate (DBA) designation. This career-driving designation demonstrates to your organization that you’ve gained a deeper understanding of dental benefits, plan design, eligibility, and regulations impacting dental insurance coverage.

Disability Healthcare Professional (DHP) Designation

3 Required Courses
• 2 Elective Courses

By earning the Disability Healthcare Professional (DHP) designation, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of health insurance operations management, including cost management, pricing, sales, marketing, claims administration, policy issuance and renewal, customer service, government regulation, and fraud.

Disability Income Associate (DIA) Designation

3 Required Courses

When you earn this professional designation, you’ll demonstrate to your colleagues and clients that you have gained a deeper understanding of the risks, costs, and benefits of disability insurance (DI), including how employer-sponsored programs work. You’ll gain a solid foundation in how DI fits into retirement, estate, and long-term care planning, to help you do your job even better.

Disability Income Fellow (DIF) Designation

3 Required Courses
• 5 Elective Courses

The Disability Income Fellow (DIF) designation is AHIP’s most advanced disability insurance (DI) credential. Earning your DIF demonstrates a strong commitment to your career and your organization. Upon completion, you’ll have an impressive understanding of how DI programs are structured, managed, and financed.

Fellow, Academy for Healthcare Management (FAHM®) Designation

5 Required Courses

This impressive credential positions you as a seasoned health care management professional versant in a range of specialties, including care management, financial management, network development, maintenance strategies, medical policies, governance, policy trends, and more. Earning this designation demonstrates that you have a strong commitment to the industry and your organization’s success.

Fellow, Health Insurance Advanced Studies (FHIAS®) Designation

2 Required Courses
• 4 Elective Courses

Grow your expertise as well as the versatility and value you bring to your organization by earning your Fellow, Health Insurance Advanced Studies (FHIAS®) designation. You’ll gain a broader understanding of how such insurance products as disability, long-term care, dental coverage, and Medicare work together to make our entire health care system stronger.