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Credentials that will get you noticed.

15 designations



Managed Healthcare Professional (MHP) Designation

3 Required Courses
• 3 Elective Courses

Gain the knowledge and skills to take the next step in growing your career. Learn about managed care’s operational functions, organizational structures, administration, and regulatory environment. Gain a big picture understanding of the unique developments and trends that have shaped managed care as well as the policies, processes, and evaluation measurements that define quality.

Professional, Academy for Health Care Management (PAHM®) Designation

1 Required Course

Earning this career-driving professional credential demonstrates that you have achieved a thorough understanding of the fundamental building blocks of health care management and organizational structures. You’ll also benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts of health care management, as well as the legislative, regulatory and ethical issues that impact our industry.

Professional, Health Insurance Advanced Studies (PHIAS®) Designation

1 Required Course

This professional designation was created for health care professionals who want to achieve a bigger–picture understanding of how our fast-changing industry works, and how various arenas within the health care system work together to deliver greater value for more consumers. Earning the PHIAS® designation demonstrates that you’ve gained a broader understanding of health care’s many working parts.