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AHIP offers 15 professional designation programs that suit your career goals, schedule, and budget. See which path works for you. When you enroll, you’ll get guidance on your next steps. Easily track your progress along the path. Earn designations by completing between one and five online courses.

16 designations



Health Care Anti-Fraud Associate (HCAFA) Designation

2 Required Courses
• 1 Elective Course

Industry professionals at every level are challenged every day with detecting and stopping health care fraud. By earning your Health Care Anti-Fraud Associate (HCAFA) designation, you’ll demonstrate that you’ve achieved a big picture understanding of the various types of health care fraud, their impact on the health care industry, and how organizations like yours can combat fraud.

Health Insurance Associate (HIA®) Designation

4 Required Courses
• 6 Elective Courses

In a competitive work environment, employers depend on key performers. When you earn your Health Insurance Associate (HIA®) designation, you’ll be among 20,000+ professionals who have joined the industry’s elite by mastering this challenging professional program. Demonstrate to your colleagues and partners that you’ve achieved a thorough knowledge of all aspects of health insurance.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Expert Certificate

1 Required Course

Health savings accounts are a cost-saving, high-value financial tool for Americans of all ages. To help your members and clients fully understand the value HSAs provide and who qualifies to open an account, earn your Health Savings Account (HSA) Expert Certificate.* This credential is a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to helping your organization grow its HSA category leadership.

Healthcare Compliance Professional (HCP) Designation

4 Required Courses

Let AHIP be your guide to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including its rules, regulations, deadlines, and compliance protocols. When you earn your Healthcare Compliance Professional (HCP®) designation, you’ll demonstrate to your colleagues and partners that you’ve achieved practical skills and a deeper understanding of the ACA, to help your organization grow while meeting the law’s requirements.

Healthcare Customer Service Associate (HCSA) Designation

3 Required Courses
• 4 Elective Courses

Is it possible to put a value on high quality customer service? Yes! In today’s consumer-centric environment, no one can afford to ignore the role customer service plays in growing a business. When you earn your Healthcare Customer Service Associate (HCSA) designation, you’ll demonstrate that you have a strong commitment to creating a corporate culture that puts the customer first.

Information Technology Professional (ITP) Designation

4 Required Courses

Change is the one word that best describes the health care information technology field. Artificial intelligence, data transparency, telehealth, interoperability, and consumer-centric delivery models are a few ways our industry is leveraging technologies to make the entire system better. Demonstrate your commitment to this evolution with the Information Technology Professional (ITP) designation.