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Coverage that Works for Americans


More than half of all Americans receive their health coverage through their jobs. Read our primer to learn more.

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Published on Feb 9, 2023

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Employer-provided coverage refers to a health plan, or selection of health plans and other benefits, purchased by an employer and offered to eligible employees and their dependents. Employees’ contributions to their health coverage are tax-free, and employers overwhelmingly pay for the cost of coverage for their employees, making it an affordable, high-quality coverage choice.

More than half of all Americans – over 180 million hardworking individuals and their families, including millions of children – receive health coverage through their jobs. Employer-provided coverage delivers affordable access to care, effective ways to improve health, and financial security. From comprehensive health insurance coverage and income protection to dental and vision benefits, Americans have real choices and real control in the care and protection they receive through work.

From small, family-owned, and mid-size businesses to national and international corporations to public-sector organizations and unions – companies across the country see the value in offering comprehensive health benefits to their employees. Thanks to diverse and active competition from health insurance providers in every state, consumers, and employers have access to high-quality and affordable care choices that deliver financial protection and peace of mind – now and for the future.


Coverage@Work (C@W) is a campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the value employer-provided coverage delivers to over 180 million Americans. C@W supports and advocates for market-based solutions that advance health, choice, affordability, and value for every American.