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Conversations in Care

Conversations in Care is a special series of The Next Big Thing in Health where we come together to have frank, honest, and heartfelt conversations about the defining issues in health care, with care.

Elevating Mental Health Care for All: Eva Borden

How do we think about the mind in relationship to the body, our environment, and those around us? And how can we make sure the people who need support — particularly when it's focused on mental health — are able to get the care they need?

Eva Borden is the president of behavioral health for Evernorth Health Services, the health services business for Cigna Corporation. We sat down with Borden for an illuminating discussion on how to break down silos, de-stigmatize conversations around mental health needs and solutions, and how major companies are making a difference in access and affordability.

Listen in to discover how Evernorth Health Services is integrating mental health and medical health services for better health care solutions.

Maybe someone I know has an issue, but it's a whole other ballgame to say, ‘I'm struggling.’ That's a really personal thing. And how we meet people and encourage them to say, ‘That doesn't say anything that's bad about you.’
Eva Borden, President, Behavioral Health for Evernorth Health Services
[I]magine if you had a condition like diabetes and you said 40% are silent sufferers. That would be horrible. We would never tolerate that.
Eva Borden, President, Behavioral Health for Evernorth Health Services

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