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Coverage@Work Testimonials

Coverage@Work (C@W) is a campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the value employer-provided coverage delivers to nearly 180 million Americans. Hear some of their stories.

Personalized care through telehealth and nurse hotlines

Norma from Queens, New York discusses how access to telehealth and the nurse hotline through her employer-provided coverage enable personalized and easy-to-access care, empowering her to make the right decisions for her family.

Employer-provided coverage enables access to care during COVID-19

Laurie relied on her employer-provided coverage during the pandemic to access mental health support via telehealth.

Employer-provided coverage delivers access to mental health support

Employer-provided coverage helps enrollees access mental health support and find the right mental health professional according to Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jenny Martin.

Peace of mind through employer-provided coverage

Mike, a father who has relied on the health coverage he receives through his job for many years, speaks to the peace of mind his employer-provided coverage delivers – supporting his family from snake bites to jungle gym accidents.

Employer-provided coverage improves access to mental health support through telehealth

Virtual mental health support expands access to care and fosters a culture of wellness within organizations. Hear more from Jessica Fenchel, Vice President of Adult Behavioral Health at Access Services.

Mental health benefits demonstrate employers’ commitment to employees

Susan Blue, President & CEO of Community Services Group, shares how employer-provided mental health support reinforces a healthy and happy workforce, and allows employers to demonstrate their commitment to employees’ well-being.

Telehealth services through employer-provided coverage saves lives

Dr. Jenny Martin, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, underscores the importance of telehealth in expanding access to mental health support.

Women and children gain access to counseling through employer-provided coverage

Laurie, a counselor in North Carolina, explains how employer-provided coverage has enabled her patients to seek the care that they need.

Employer-provided coverage benefits local and national economies

Spencer Cohen, an economist in Washington State, underscores how employer-provided coverage provides economic stability and security for businesses and employees.

How telehealth has improved and expanded access to mental health support

Melanie, a behavioral analyst in South Carolina, speaks to how telehealth has “completely changed the way our field operates” by enabling providers to stay in regular contact with families managing developmental challenges without requiring a home visit.

Employer-provided coverage supports individuals with disabilities

Telehealth and other innovative services have helped those with disabilities remain connected to care thanks to employer-provided coverage. Hear more from Hannah Carlock with The Arc of Indiana, a community-based organization advocating for and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Telehealth counseling through employer-provided coverage

Melanie and her husband utilized telehealth services offered through their employer-provided coverage to maintain access to counseling services, despite the pandemic and subsequent travel.

Young adults supported by parents’ employer-provided coverage

Maddie receives annual check-ups and prescription drugs at no cost thanks to the coverage she receives through her parents’ employer-provided health insurance.

There for when you need it: Ongoing mental health support through employer-provided coverage

Amy from South Carolina has navigated mental health challenges throughout her life from adolescence to young adulthood with the support of her parents’ employer-provided coverage.