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A Mural with a Mission

At AHIP, Our Mission is Pretty Simple: We are Champions of Care.
Health insurance providers, working together as one.

Together, we are making health care better and coverage more affordable and accessible for everyone. We partnered with Baltimore mural artist Justin Duvall to help us tell this story.

When you walk into our office space in Washington, D.C. and see this beautiful mural, or share its story with your friends and family, we hope you sense our commitment to finding real solutions and bringing people together so everyone can thrive in good health. Because when health care is better, everyone is better.

AHIP Lobby Mural

Help Share Our Mission

Below are a few social posts to help you and your communications teams share our collective mission with your networks. Please feel free to customize these examples for your own use to share.

  • It’s a mural with a message by artist Justin Duvall. We are part of the AHIP community, and we are committed to guiding greater health. Because when health care is better, everyone is better. Learn more and join us in our mission.
  • AHIP serves as a strong, unified voice for health insurance providers who lead the way to provide better access to health care and better value for all Americans. As a member of the health insurance community, my team is partnering with AHIP to ensure all Americans have access to high-quality, affordable health care. Add your voice to ours, and let’s be champions of care.
"These are our communities. This is our nation. We're trying to do as much as we can for everyone."

Artist Spotlight

Justin Duvall is a Baltimore-based artist.

"The objective from the very beginning was to create a piece of artwork that uses movement, symbolism, and color with intent to convey a message. If I were to choose a “starting point” in this mural, it would be on the blue, red, and purple stripes on the left — particularly the blue horizontal stripe positioned above the other two. The blue line, which represents guidance, innovation, and information, moves to the right through the arch. As it swoops down and pulls back to the left, it transitions to red, which signifies connection, human commitment, and education. Then, at the very left of the composition, the red swiftly turns down and back to the right into a streak of purple, which symbolizes care, equity, and advocacy. As the streak of purple exits the arch, it comes to a rest on the right side of the mural, punctuating the message: Guiding Greater Health."
Learn More about Justin

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