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Top Leaders’ 10 Predictions on ‘The Next Big Thing in Health’


Health care’s biggest voices shared their biggest predictions on where health is headed next.

Published Mar 21, 2024 • by AHIP

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From elevating mental health care to combatting medical misinformation, we’ve learned important lessons from all the guests and experts on The Next Big Thing in Health podcast and our special video sub-series, Conversations in Care, including compassion, innovation, and always putting people first.

Here are 10 of our favorite insights from this past season. And if you enjoyed it, stay tuned for the next season debuting April 9.

Delivering Health With Heart – September 26, 2023

“I think it's artificial intelligence. Not necessarily for the reasons that I think other people say. I think we have made this industry so unnecessarily complicated for everyone. It's complicated to be a patient. It's complicated to be an employee. It's complicated to be a physician in the frontlines taking care. And we've created that complication. And I believe that artificial intelligence is going to drive simplification.” – Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA, CEO, SCAN Health Plan and SCAN Group

Jain and Eric C. Hunter, president & CEO of CareOregon, sat down with Conversations in Care host Robert Traynham for a thought-provoking and honest conversation on serving the most vulnerable people in our communities. (Watch the full episode)

Changing Our Mental Health Approach to Save Lives – Air date: October 10, 2023

“[T]he next big thing…is how we use technology and data to get ahead, to be looking ahead and to be planning that everybody's going to have disruption. But we're talking about it differently. We're acting differently. We're deploying initiatives differently. I mean, maybe we'll even use, you know, new technology to deploy how we deliver therapy, and counseling, maybe we'll use virtual reality to meet the needs of people in populations or in communities where there is a lack of providers.” – Cara McNulty, DPA, President, Behavioral Health & Mental Well-Being, CVS Health

Premiering on World Mental Health Day, this episode of Conversations in Care showcased how CVS Health and Aetna drove down suicide attempts by 16.3% among their community members and what it took to create lasting change. (Watch the full episode)

Serving America’s Seniors – Air date: October 24, 2023

“I really do believe that we're going to get to a place where we're going to pay claims via through a credit card. So, I think that to get real time immediate payment as well as connection.” –  Dawn Maroney, President, Markets Alignment Health and CEO, Alignment Health Plan.

Alignment’s Maroney joined Hakan Kardes, chief technology and experience officer, for this episode of Conversations in Care where they discussed creative ways to reach America’s seniors with compassion and care through Medicare Advantage plans. (Watch the full episode)

Combatting Medical Misinformation – Air date: November 7, 2023

“It is absolutely going to all lead back to AI. Whether we're talking about misinformation, disinformation, diagnostics, therapeutics, I think there's ample opportunity to alleviate the physician workforce and burnout issue with AI but we just have to be mindful of the problems we're solving. And that we go about it in a crawl-walk-run approach.” – Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA, Former Chief Medical Officer, Salesforce

On this episode of Conversations in Care, Nayyar shared her thoughts on how the health care industry can build trust that will counteract all the misinformation. (Watch the full episode)

Better Health Care, No Matter Your Status – Air date: November 21, 2023

“We've traditionally thought of providers as physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, you know, the clinicians. But I think we're going to shift to seeing community-based organizations as providers, and I'm looking forward to that day because they are integral partners on health in health care delivery.” – Darrell Gray, II, MD, MPH, President & CEO, Wellpoint Maryland

On this episode of Conversations in Care, Gray gave us an overview of his career, including his recent time as chief equity officer at Elevance Health, and shared more on how we can help every American achieve their full health potential. (Watch the full episode)

What’s Next in Health Care Policy – Air date: December 5, 2023

“[T]ransparency. I think everybody's just really ready. Whether it's a hospital trip, you know, drug pricing. I think the American public just wants to know what goes into the cost that they're seeing, that they're, you know, footing the bill for.” – Annalyse Keller, Managing Director, Seven Letter

Seven Letter’s Adam Abrams and Annalyse Keller came on The Next Big Thing in Health podcast to talk about the health policy landscape in Washington, D.C. (Watch the full episode)

Homelessness as a Health Problem – Air date: January 2, 2024

“Well, we have amazing tools. Since I went to medical school, graduated 20 years ago, the genetic progress that's been made, the pharmaceutical progress that's been made, surgical – surgery – has progressed, the technology – what we need to do is bring that to a wider population so that everyone benefits.” – Michael Hochman, CEO, Healthcare in Action

Hochman joined Conversations in Care to share stories of how his street teams have been able to build trust with California’s most vulnerable populations. (Watch the full episode)

Inside the Mind of a Global Health Equity Expert – Air date: January 16, 2024

“The next big thing in health for me, sitting in this space right here, is that we finally work toward getting it right, that we actually work toward creating a health care system where it doesn't matter who you are, where you live.” – Dr. LaShawn McIver, Senior Vice President and Chief Health Equity Officer, AHIP

On this episode of The Next Big Thing in Health, Dr. McIver discussed how health insurance providers are making health care more equitable and more accessible, and where they can focus next to make the most impact. (Watch the full episode)

How to Close Health Care Gaps – Air date: January 30, 2024

‘[T]he next thing that we really have to focus on as a community is ‘techquity.’ So, technology and equity…We're thinking about technology and applications, right? And how are they built from an equity perspective? Like, are they really built in a way where they're designed for the user? Are we building tech in a way that fits into people's lives? Are we expecting people to come to us for the technology they want to use?... So, all of the things sort of encompassing technology and equity — that’s sort of the next horizon that we have to consider.” – Pooja Mittal, DO, Chief Health Equity Officer, Health Net

On this episode of Conversations in Care, Mittal discussed health equity and the power of community partnerships in addressing social determinants of health. (Watch the full episode)

Elevating Mental Health Care for All – Air date: February 20, 2024

“[T]he next big thing in health care is…giving behavioral health, giving our mind health, a really prominent place in addressing a really unaffordable health care system and addressing people feeling good about where they are in society, and who they are, and just overall making all the things that we've promised — just making this all be what it should be.” – Eva Borden, President, Behavioral Health, Evernorth

Borden joined us for an illuminating discussion on how to break down silos and de-stigmatize conversations around mental health needs and solutions. (Watch the full episode)