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AHIP Launches New Campaign that Puts Big Pharma on Notice

Press Release

As Pharma hides the high prices of prescriptions, health insurance providers negotiate lower costs, more affordable choices for Americans

Published Apr 24, 2023 • by AHIP

WASHINGTON, D.C. – (April 24, 2023) – AHIP today launched a major new advertising campaign that spotlights the role health insurance providers play in securing savings, promoting competition, and providing more choices than ever before for millions of Americans. The ads call out how Big Pharma spends millions pointing fingers at others in the health care system to distract Americans from manufacturers’ soaring drug prices – attempting to deflect blame, limit competition, and undermine patients’ bargaining power.

Advertising will blanket broadcast, social media, and direct placements in targeted outlets in Washington, D.C.

“Health insurance providers are driven to make health care and prescription drugs more affordable by helping millions of Americans secure more choices at lower costs than ever before,” said Robert Traynham, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs & Strategic Initiatives at AHIP. “Our new campaign spotlights the critical role health insurance providers play in making health care more affordable and accessible for Americans every day. And let’s be clear, Big Pharma continues to deceive and divert attention from real solutions and the root cause of high drug prices – Pharma’s anti-competitive, price-gouging tactics. Manufacturers keep prescription drug prices high and undermine the evidence-based, market-driven tools we use to lower prices and provide more choices in quality care for Americans. Consumers, businesses, and taxpayers are stuck paying excessively high costs. Big Pharma’s dishonest distractions have to stop.”

View more information about the campaign.


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