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AHIP Statement on Response to Cyberattack

Press Release

Published Mar 12, 2024 • by AHIP

WASHINGTON, D.C. – (March 12, 2024) – AHIP President and CEO Mike Tuffin issued the following statement on health insurance plans’ ongoing efforts to respond to the cyberattack on Change Healthcare.

“Health insurance plans have taken immediate and comprehensive steps to support providers and ensure continuity in patient care in response to the cyberattack. These efforts have enabled many providers to resume claim submissions, receive timely payments and maintain their operations. Since some providers are still experiencing operational challenges, health plans have also prioritized putting in place alternative payment processes to support partners and ensure timeliness in reimbursement.”

“Given the very wide variability of impact across the system, individual plans and providers are in the best position to assess how to maintain appropriate payments in a timely manner – and also to minimize the need for reconciliation processes. Further, broad exemptions in prior authorization at a time of advanced payments could expose patients and employers to fraud, waste and unnecessary costs.

“This moment has reinforced the interconnectedness of the health system. All stakeholders know this won’t be the last attack as both private and public systems are constantly subject to sophisticated cyber threats. That’s why it’s vital that all stakeholders – from health insurance plans, physicians, facilities, and pharmacies adapt, prepare and invest in the capabilities to respond quickly in the face of disruptions so that we can work together to maintain a resilient health care system for patients.”

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