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Chiquela Harrison

Area Manager, Wider Circle

Chiquela brings her healthcare and culinary experience to Wider Circle.

Chiquela started her career in the food industry, creating dishes for hospitals

and airports. She graduated from the Dorsey Culinary Academy and then

trained under Cat Cora. Cat Cora was the first female iron chef winner, and

Chiquela was an executive chef creating fine cuisine.

In addition, Chiquela has a nursing background in phlebotomy and as a

licensed patient care technician.

Chiquela joined Wider Circle because it was the ideal opportunity to

combine her knowledge in both culinary and healthcare. She is involved with

members daily to empower them to live healthier lives, connects them with

resources, and enjoys featuring cooking segments and teaching nutrition at


Ms. Harrison’s speaking engagements include The Blue Venture Fund’s

Annual Meeting, where she served as a panelist to address challenges in

accessing healthcare services and how to improve care.