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Dr. James Weinstein

Senior Vice President, Microsoft Healthcare

Dr. Jim Weinstein is Senior Vice President, Microsoft Healthcare, where he leads strategy, innovation, and health equity. Throughout his career he has been motivated by a passion for finding the truth and doing what is best for patients. After establishing his career as a world-renowned spine surgeon and pain researcher, Dr. Weinstein moved his practice to Dartmouth to study geographic variation in healthcare as part of the Dartmouth Atlas Leadership team. There he pioneered the transition away from the traditional doctrine of “informed consent” to one of “informed choice”—acknowledging that a patient should not only agree to a treatment, but that they should have an active role in deciding which treatment is best when multiple options exist, with similar outcomes.

Dr. Weinstein has published more than 325 peer-reviewed articles and served as Editor-in-Chief of Spine for three decades. He is frequently consulted by members of Congress and government leaders on health policy and reform. He advises on the Gates Venture Fund initiatives and has participated in the prestigious World Economic Forum. His book, “Unraveled: Prescriptions to Repair a Broken Health Care System,” was published in 2016.