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Erich S. Huang, MD, PhD

Chief Science & Innovation Officer, Verily Life Sciences

Erich S. Huang, MD, PhD, is the Chief Science and Innovation Officer at Verily Life Sciences. Erich spearheads our robust evidence-generation programs, spanning across clinical research, data collection from novel digital health devices, and real-world evidence.

Erich also leads our thinking on creating clinical digital phenotypes and driving the continued evolution of our advanced real-time cohort engine and learning health system development. Erich was previously at Duke University where he served as the Chief Data Officer for Quality at Duke Health, Director of Duke Forge, Director of Duke Crucible, and Assistant Dean for Biomedical Informatics for Duke University School of Medicine. There he led and deployed machine learning capabilities for complex care management in Duke Health’s Accountable Care Organization, and helped develop Duke Health’s new institutional governance process for algorithmic decision support. He earned his MD and PhD from Duke University.