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Gary Culp

Chief Distribution Officer, Cigna Healthcare

Gary Culp is a strategic leader and culture builder in healthcare. With more than two decades experience, Gary has consistently demonstrated his ability to overcome obstacles, maintain strategic alignment, and drive strong revenue growth through creative solutions and calculated risk-taking.

Currently serving as the Chief Distribution Officer (CDO) for Government and Supplemental Programs at Cigna Healthcare, Gary is responsible for developing and executing growth strategies for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Prescription Drug Plans, and ancillary services. Under his leadership, the organization underwent significant changes, capturing financial gains through improved efficiency and reduced redundancy, while increasing agent new sales, e-Broker engagement, and the creation of lower-cost channels for growth.

Before his current role, Gary held various executive positions at Cigna Healthcare, including Chief Growth Officer (CGO) for Medicare Advantage and Regional President for Government Programs in the West Region. During his time, Gary helped expand Cigna Healthcare's Medicare footprint and increase enrollment, generating more than $500 million in plan revenue in a single year. He championed a 55% county footprint expansion and successfully launched Medicare Advantage PPOs across 25 counties.

Before joining Cigna Healthcare, Gary served as Chief Medicare Officer for the West Region at CVS Aetna. In this role, he was instrumental in restructuring Aetna's Medicare business in the West Region, leading to exponential growth. Gary's leadership resulted in doubling contracted providers, establishing a performance-driven culture, and increasing sales revenue from $1.5 million to $33.6 million. He pioneered multifaceted distribution growth strategies, including developing Aetna's intermediary model and launching exclusive retail direct-to-consumer products with partners such as Costco and CVS.

In addition to his executive roles, Gary is involved in board leadership and community service. As the Board Chairman of the ConnectureDRX Customer Advisory Board and a board member of the American Diabetes Association, Gary has demonstrated his commitment to driving positive change and making a meaningful impact on healthcare outcomes.