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George M. Aloth, JD

President & CEO, CareFirst Community Health Plan District of Columbia (CHPDC)

As the President & Chief Executive Officer for CareFirst CHPDC, George Aloth is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the company's overall strategy, including general oversight of all operations and resources of the company, to ensure strategic growth. Aloth drives decision-making that creates medium- and long-term improvement for all company operations. As the leader of the Executive Team, he ensures that operational priorities and business unit goals are in alignment with the company's strategic direction.

Mr. Aloth brings to this role experience and knowledge acquired from his previous positions as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer for CareFirst CHPDC.

Previously serving as the company's Chief Operating Officer, he was responsible for all company operations, ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services to the plan's enrollees and appropriate reimbursement to plan providers. He aligned company initiatives to drive growth and ensure profitability. Mr. Aloth represented the organization in its relationships with significant customers, vendors, and regulators.