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Georgina Dukes-Harris, MHA

Health Equity Innovator & Tech Leader, IMPaCT Care, Unite Us, and Duke Health

Georgina Dukes-Harris, a dynamic social justice advocate, initially honed her skills at Clemson University, overseeing clinics and enhancing emergency patient access in low-income, rural areas. A master's degree in health administration from the Medical University of South Carolina solidified her expertise in health care operations. Throughout her 14-year career, Georgina has tirelessly connected hospitals with community health initiatives, addressing social determinants of health at major academic medical centers across the Southeast, including Duke Health and the Medical University of South Carolina.

In 2018, Georgina transitioned to the tech sector, joining Unite Us and spearheading the nation's first coordinated care network in North Carolina, NCCARE360. Under her leadership, the network expanded to 11 states, positively impacting over 160 million lives. In her most recent role, serving as the Head of Community Mobilization at IMPaCT Care, Georgina continues to revolutionize health equity by fostering collaboration between community health workers and technology.

Georgina's remarkable journey has earned her prestigious accolades, including recognition as a White House Administration PREVENTS speaker, the Leaders in Diversity award, and the Emerging Healthcare Leader Award. Notably, Georgina received the Women in Business-Community Outreach award and garnered a nomination for Forbes 30 under 30 in healthcare.