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Kaley Park

Engagement Marketing Manager, Rx Savings Solutions

Kaley is an accomplished professional with a passion for healthcare marketing. With a career that began in the dynamic healthcare advertising agency world in 2012, Kaley has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of marketing strategies that drive engagement and deliver impactful results.

Currently serving as an Engagement Marketing Manager at Rx Savings Solutions, Kaley plays a pivotal role in developing and executing innovative marketing initiatives that empower individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare choices.

Throughout her career, Kaley has honed her expertise in crafting compelling marketing campaigns that bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients. Her strategic vision and exceptional communication skills have contributed to the success of numerous healthcare-focused projects, fostering positive relationships and elevating brand awareness. When she is not at work, Kaley enjoys spending time with her family and catching up on her favorite comedy and true crime podcasts.