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Rachel Stewart, ASA, MAAA

Senior Consultant, Wakely

Rachel Stewart joined Wakely in 2014 and works out of the Tampa office. She has experience working with managed care organizations on their Medicare bid process and analytics. She has certified both MA and Part D BPTs over the last two years and has been involved in the bid development process for ten years. Rachel has extensive experience analyzing and presenting on complex topics to executives and boards. She has a deep understanding of Medicare Advantage, specifically the bid process and CMS guidelines, revenue cash flows and pricing and bid strategy.

Rachel also works on Medicare, Medicaid and provider analytics. She has led projects for health plans and state agencies throughout the country. This work includes monthly incurred but not reported estimates, risk accrual estimates, forecasting, budgeting, minimum medical loss ratio filings, DIR filings, year-end opinions and filings and various other financial items. She has communicated and worked directly with financial leaders at the organization to automate processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

Rachel earned her bachelor’s degree in actuarial science from The Florida State University. She is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.