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Robert Groves, MD

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Banner | Aetna

Dr. Groves brings four decades of diverse experience across the health care ecosystem—including private and group practice, start-ups, large integrated delivery systems, and payer—to his role at Banner|Aetna. His clinical expertise, curiosity, and passion for improvement have guided the implementation of impactful health care technology and clinical programs that have expanded accessibility, reduced costs, and simplified care for members. Previously, he held leadership posts at Banner Health for 12 years, culminating in his position as the health system’s vice president of health management. There he led the development of one of the first ACO’s and guided it to becoming one of only nine ACO’s to finish all five performance years while demonstrating meaningful improvements in quality and industry leading reductions in health care costs.

Throughout his career, Dr. Groves has nurtured cutting-edge solutions like text-based primary care, VR-enhanced caregiver resources and AI-powered prior authorization that make it easier for members to get the care they need. He also championed the development of one of the largest and most successful tele-ICU systems in the country resulting in over 15,000 lives saved and $800 million in cost savings.