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Thomas Carlough, PharmD

Chief Technology Officer, Wider Circle

Dr. Thomas Carlough is the chief technology officer at Wider Circle, with over 15 years of experience working with healthcare and technology solutions. Prior to joining Wider Circle, he led data science and analytic teams across multiple accountable care organizations, medicare advantage products, and care delivery organizations.

He studied computer science and biochemistry to program protein models for high throughput templating before obtaining a doctorate in clinical pharmacy at Temple University in Philadelphia. While training for clinical service, Thomas was one of the first bioinformatics researchers working on the human genome database. He sought to build algorithms to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms that might reveal neuropathic pain. After graduating, he worked many years at a health system in northern New Jersey pediatrics, emergency medicine, and oncology.

After an eventful night in the emergency room he recommended a few changes to the electronic medical record to help save patients from incidental harm and adverse events.This was the foundation of his pivot back into technology first as the lead informaticist in charge of implementing barcoding, clinical decision support, and robotics systems. This led to increased levels of technical leadership from value-based care models to predicting leakage opportunities in accountable care networks with machine learning. Tom also taught clinical informatics and analytics to graduate almost 100 individuals over the course of 8 years.

He has spoken nationally in population health, data science, and analytics in behavior science. His current focus is building high-precision optimization models for social behavior change in groups. Tom is also active in the volunteer community. He is currently volunteering on the board for a local community college to help build a data science curriculum designed around individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds participating with the state of NJ.