Project Link

AHIP’s Project Link brings together the best thinking in how to effectively address social barriers for the people we serve.

And together, we will create new solutions to the challenges that still exist.

Through a new learning collaborative and new partnership opportunities, health insurance providers will come together with other organizations to help our communities overcome social barriers to good health.

Issue Brief
Health Insurance Providers Are Innovating to Address Socioeconomic Needs during COVID-19 and Beyond

COVID-19 has impacted Americans across the nation and worsened socioeconomic conditions for millions. With Americans isolated in their homes and over 40 million recently unemployed, the need to address food insecurity, housing instability, and social isolation is greater than ever. Just as they face increasing demand caused by COVID-19, the community-based organizations with whom health insurance plans partner are also experiencing challenges, such as closures, reduced hours due to lack of staff or volunteers, revised processes to accommodate social distancing, and reduced resources.