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Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance


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Published on Feb 27, 2014

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This guide book is about long-term care insurance

It’s impossible to predict what kind of care you might need in the future, or to know exactly what the costs will be. But like other insurance, long-term care insurance allows people to pay a known premium to help protect against the risk of much larger out-of-pocket expenses down the road.

Some people think they won’t have to pay for long-term care because their family will take care of them. But relatives may not be available when you need care, or they may not be able to provide the kind of care you need. Furthermore, care giving can negatively affect your family members’ quality of life, health, and ability to earn a living and meet other responsibilities.

Since there’s a good chance you will need long-term care, you should learn about insurance options that are available and best suited to your situation. This guide will help you understand the risks and costs associated with long-term care and how long-term care insurance may help protect you.