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The Importance of Disability Income Insurance in Supporting the Financial Stability of American Workers


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Published on May 25, 2023

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Global Strategy Group (GSG), on behalf of AHIP, conducted an online survey among 500 disability income (DI) insurance claimants who received income payments within the last 10 years.

Key Finding

  • Satisfaction with disability income (DI) insurance plans continues to remain high.
  • Claimants are satisfied with the financial benefits they receive from their DI coverage and have positive feelings about their interactions with their insurers.
  • By providing income while they were disabled, claimants say that DI insurance gave them peace of mind, provided them with short-term financial security, and ensured they could continue to take care of their family.
  • DI insurance protected claimants’ long-term financial stability and ensured they would not have to make damaging financial choices in order to cover their basic living expenses.
  • DI insurance claimants support the establishment of paid leave programs and want to see private DI insurers play an active role in providing and managing such programs.