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The Value of Employer-Provided Coverage Resources


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For more than 183 million Americans, access to health care and coverage comes from a partnership between employers and health insurance providers – and that partnership has been more valuable than ever during the COVID-19 crisis.

New survey findings released by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) highlight how employer-provided coverage has been an important resource for Americans throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

  • 62% of employees who took a COVID-19 test say that their coverage was helpful in getting and covering a test
  • 56% said that their telehealth and mental health services are more valuable now than they were a year ago before COVID-19
  • Americans are also turning to their employer-provided coverage for help in accessing COVID-19 vaccines.
  • More than 60% said they plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine
  • 74% said it’s important for their employer-provided coverage to cover the cost of the vaccine
  • Survey respondents also overwhelmingly supported subsidizing COBRA during COVID-19.
  • 72% say it’s important for Congress to subsidize the cost of COBRA coverage so Americans who lose their jobs can keep their coverage

Employer-provided coverage is a critical part of what’s working and what we must build upon for tomorrow. Together, we can and will overcome the COVID-19 crisis.