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A Concrete Approach to Navigating Transparency Regulations in 2024

Mar 7, 2024
1:00 pm EST
Presented by Healthedge
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About This Webinar

From Transparency in Coverage guidelines to the No Surprises Act and advanced explanations of benefits, the regulatory environment can feel like a maze to health insurance payers. In the last few years, the industry has seen sweeping legislative change and it’s hard for payers to know what to focus on first, and where they might be facing unforeseen risks or challenges in ensuring their operational compliance.

While regulatory challenges are real and ongoing, payers who arm themselves with the right information and technology can ensure compliance with existing and evolving requirements. This session is designed to (1) give attendees a straightforward and simplified explanation of key legislation that clarifies points of regulatory overlap and connection, and (2) highlight foundational components of a stepped approach to compliance. By leveraging existing tools and operational efficiencies, payers can take the right steps in 2024 to stay on track with evolving regulations.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • The big picture in recent transparency-related legislation
  • Which regulatory components require immediate attention
  • What technology and tools to leverage to ensure on-time solutions and ongoing operational efficiencies


Diane Pascot

Vice President of Sales Solutions


Diane Pascot is an industry veteran who has collaborated with numerous different healthcare payer organizations to craft comprehensive software replacement solutions centered around enterprise core administration systems. She is currently Vice President of Sales Solutions on the HealthEdge sales team where she is dedicated to working with health plans to help transform their businesses through…

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Maggie Brown

Regulatory Compliance Manager


Maggie (Margaret) Brown has many years of leadership experience in the US healthcare and insurance industry. She transitioned from health plan leadership roles to implementing core business solutions for numerous health plans around the country. Maggie has led large scale implementations for both new and established insurance plans. She implemented a comprehensive compliance program at a…

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