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Actionable Intelligence at the Point of Prescribing

Nov 28, 2023
1:00 pm EST
Presented by Surescripts 2022
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About This Webinar

Join this panel discussion to take a look into how real-time prescription benefit and electronic prior authorization is being used to minimize prescribing barriers, optimize prescribing workflows, and save health plans insurance providers time and money. Learn how providers are utilizing prescription decision support tools in their EHR workflows to improve patient outcomes, reduce provider burnout and reduce health care costs.

This webinar will provide perspectives on the benefits of prescribing solutions while also getting the perspective of a health insurance provider who has been utilizing these tools for their members.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • How real-time prescription benefit helps patients and health insurance providers ensure the most optimal medications are being dispensed without issue at the pharmacy
  • Best practices for implementing Electronic Prior Authorization to deliver the most value to providers and members
  • Adoption of prescription decision support tools using best practices shared by a health insurance provider


Tim Capstick, Moderator

Regional Vice President, Health Plans


Tim Capstick has held numerous roles focused on assisting payers, providers and consumers of healthcare with lowering pharmacy costs while improving health outcomes. He is currently a Regional Vice President serving the health plan market. His background provides the perfect foundation for bringing innovative solutions to his clients

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Morgan Bojorquez

Associate Vice President, Clinical Integration


Morgan Bojorquez is the AVP of Pharmacy Clinical Integration at Humana. In his role, Morgan is responsible for Humana’s PBM HIT capabilities, which includes ePA and Real-time Prescription Benefit, as well as technology solutions that enable prescribers access to patient data and pharmacy benefit information for all Humana members. He continues to spearhead major initiatives that enable…

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Nick Chambers

Product Manager, Real-Time Prescription Benefit


Nick joined Surescripts as a Product Analyst about four and half years ago. Prior to Surescripts, he spent most of his time on practice transformation efforts for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). Nick is passionate about creating the ideal prescribing environment for providers through Real-Time Prescription Benefit and building solutions that change how patients receive care for…

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Emelie Jensen

Manager, Product Management – Electronic Prior Authorization


Emelie Jensen is the Manager of the Electronic Prior Authorization product team at Surescripts. Emelie has been working for Surescripts for the past six years and has been part of the Electronic Prior Authorization product team since 2021. Prior to Surescripts, Emelie worked in the health care industry in both the payer and medical equipment segments in various finance roles. Emelie is…

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